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Direct-drive Heavy Duty Top And Botton Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Auto Trimmer

This model is designed with powerful built-in mini servo motor for direct drive, With its powerful top and bottom feed mechanism, the 
machine smoothly feeds a difficult to feed material or a multi-layered part of material without pitch errors, achieving consistent seam 
Thickness:8mm for synthetic leather;
DY-0318-8D is suitable for sewing all kinds of gloves,watch strap,handbag,wallet,etc;

Model Max Sewing Speed Stitch Length Need Bar Stroke Presser Foot Lift Need Size Feed dog Serve Motor Package Size Weight
DY-0318-1D4 2000r.p.m 0-8mm 35mm 6/13mm DP×17 18#-24# rows of teeth 220V/550W 74.5×34×57.5cm 33/40kg
DY-0318-8D 0-5mm 35mm DP×17 14#-18# single row 74.5×34×57.5cm 33/40kg
DY-0318-1D4/CX 0-12mm 38mm DP×17 25# rows of teeth 74.5×34×57.5cm 33/40kg