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Twin-needle Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Auto Thread Trimmer

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The model is based on DY-20666D series, enlarged working space 650mm;Available for sewing large working space furniture, car interior decoration, tents umbrellas, etc;

Model Model DY-20665L DY-20666L DY-20665LD3 DY-20666LD3
Max sewing sewing speed 2500r.p.m. 1800r.p.m.
Stitch length Standard 0-9mm, Special 12mm
Needle Needle bar bar stroke 36mm
Presser Presser foot lift foot lift By hand /knee9/16mm 20mm(Pneumatic)
Needle Needle size DP×17 18#-24#
Needle Needle gauge gauge Standard 6.4mm Special 3.2/4.8/8/9.5/12.7mm
Presser Presser foot alternation 1.5-7mm
Auto Presser Presser foot lift foot lifter / Pneumatic
Presser alternation adjuster / Pneumatic
Safety clutch device
Lubrication Auto lubricated
Working space 650×150mm 600×100mm
Motor 500W/1400r.p.m 220V/750W Servo motor