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Direct Drive Long Arm Heavy Duty Top And Bottom Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine With Auto Thread Trimmer(rear puller)

Products Summary

The model is based on the DY-0318-1D4,designed with longer machine head(working space 560×120mm)which suitable to sew big size material;

Model Max sewing speed Stitch length Needle bar stroke Presser foot lift Needle size Feed dog Lubrication Servo motor
DY-0318-1LD4-RP 1800r.p.m 0-8mm 35mm 6/13mm DP×17 18#-24# 3 Rows of teech Auto lubricated 220V/750W
DY-0318-1LD4-RP/CX 0-12mm 38mm DP×1 25# 3 Rows of teech